Q&A Exclusive: Meet the Bambace Peterson Team Teháma’s On-site Real Estate Team

Teháma Real Estate is proud to introduce its exclusive partnership with Dana Bambace and Mark Peterson, from the renowned Bambace Peterson team at Compass in Carmel. As the top-selling Compass team in the Monterey Peninsula, Dana and Mark bring a wealth of experience and a profound understanding of the local market to their role as the exclusive real estate team for new homesite sales at Teháma. Born and raised in the picturesque Monterey Peninsula, their deep roots in the community and passion for real estate have propelled them to the forefront of the industry. 

Join us for an exclusive Q&A session as we sit down with Dana and Mark and explore the allure of Teháma, insights into the diverse architectural styles that define the region and a glimpse into the unique charms of Monterey Peninsula living.


1. Can you start by sharing a little about yourselves and your background in the real estate industry?


MARK:  We were raised here on the Monterey Peninsula and have a strong connection to the people, place and community. We’ve known each other for 35 years and are family – I’m married to Dana’s sister Mia, and I introduced Dana to her husband, Bryan. So, our work relationship and trust in each other is really strong. 


DANA: Originally, when I was transitioning out of the entertainment industry and fashion, Mark’s mom helped me get started in real estate here in 2006. 


MARK: Yes, my family background was in both residential real estate with my mom, Ann Peterson Mahoney, and commercial real estate with my stepfather, John Mahoney. I spent 20 years in technology marketing and public relations and moonlighting as a professor at CSUMB. But then I realized that it was time to make a switch in my “product,”…and now I get to market living here on the Monterey Peninsula. 


The first person I talked to about real estate was Dana. I tell people this all the time: Dana is the best real estate agent I know. 


DANA: Mark and I have been able to do great things together. In 2018, we were approached and had the opportunity to found and launch the local Compass presence. The company was still a startup, but we saw its growing Bay Area presence. At the time, there were only 2,500 agents across the country. Now, we have 30,000 agents nationwide and are the country’s largest brokerage for three consecutive years. 


Our national network is important as we share the Teháma story across the country. Like Mark going to Jackson Hole, Boston, Tahoe and Miami. We’re getting the word out about Teháma and having people come to visit.


MARK: Yes, our network is big. We’re fortunate, and our business together based on our family relationship has been strong. Over the past five years, we’ve continually ranked in the top 5 in sales volume and transactions for the Monterey Peninsula (out of 1,200+ agents), the Top 100 in Northern California and the Top 100 in small teams across California.



2. What sets Teháma apart, and what makes life there so special?


DANA: I feel like you are asking me to give away a secret! You really have to be here to feel it. Okay, I’ll give you one: all of this space is right here. It’s all part of the Monterey Peninsula. It’s not just the 2,000 acres of Teháma but the hundreds of thousands of acres that are infinite in the expansive views. 


MARK: Yes, we’ve even had people ask if Teháma’s a National Park. Yesterday, I was touring people, and we saw a bobcat sitting in a meadow, turkeys roaming through the oaks, deer grazing on the grass and a red tail hawk soaring over the valleys. They asked if I queued all of the wildlife for them – but it’s like that every day when you live here.


3. Teháma offers an array of homesites, some immersed in nature with incredible seclusion and others with dramatic mountain and ocean views. What is your process for guiding people to find the right homesite for them at Teháma?


DANA: Yes, you are absolutely right; it is a process and something not to be rushed. Everyone has an idea of what they are looking for coming in, but it isn’t until they are here, spending time on different properties and getting a feel for them, that they can really narrow down what they are looking for. 


MARK: About half the time we’d say people end up gravitating towards something they didn’t even know they’d like. That’s the fun of sharing this special place.



4. How would you describe the type of homes people are building at Teháma? Are there any unique architectural or design features that set Teháma homes apart?


MARK: When taking people for tours for the first time, we’ll usually just drive them past a few finished homes and some currently under construction. It helps to share that there isn’t just “one style.” Styles blend contemporary, Mediterranean and modern ranch/farmhouse – there really isn’t a singular style here. Each property and the feeling of the land is really going to be how each owner determines what is best for their lifestyle and that space. 


5. What specific factors should potential buyers consider when choosing a homesite in Teháma?


DANA: There is a lot that goes into it. It’s a bigger question about someone envisioning how they want to live their life and experience it every day–I guess that is what is so exciting about it! This is a place where you are designing what your future looks like. You aren’t just designing a house  – you’re designing a blueprint for your life.


6. Do you have a favorite homesite? Why are you drawn to it?


DANA: Oh gosh, that is a hard one! That’s like asking who your favorite child is! But there is one homesite we’ve both been drawn to as it continues to resonate with us. It has a great blend of privacy, a mix of trees, open meadows and views. We can’t just tell you – you’ll have to come out and see it with us in person!



7. You’ve had a chance to meet some of the homeowners at Teháma. Are there any common threads that exist among them?


MARK: One of the first things you realize is how everyone is beaming with passion for Teháma. It is a really special place that homeowners have such pride in, in a humble way. You can tell they feel like they’ve come across a great secret, and they know how fortunate they are. People also show an ingratiating warmth for one another and anyone visiting. It really is remarkable.


8. What are the key lifestyle elements in the Monterey Peninsula that make it an appealing and desirable place to live for someone who may not be familiar with the region?


DANA: Living on the Monterey Peninsula is a way of life. It’s not fast-paced like a city. It’s not small-town slow. It’s understated and comfortable. In a word, I’d call it delightful.


MARK: We both grew up here and were fortunate to move back to raise our families. For a smaller town, it is very cosmopolitan and culturally rich. The place and the people have such a soulful spirit. The natural geographic diversity also brings together the mountains, forests, rocky shores, beach and ocean, creating a soothing yet powerful energy.



9. As area experts, could you share some hidden gems worth exploring for Teháma residents?


DANA: One of the great things about living at Teháma is that you really are still connected to everything on the Monterey Peninsula and nearby beaches, walks and hikes. It’s part of living here and being part of the community. 


MARK: I will share some of our go-to coffee, smoothie and pastry cafes. Dana loves to go to Alta Bakery after yoga for coffee.  She doesn’t have a drink named after herself yet, but it’s getting close. For me, my routine will take me by Carmel Belle for an americano, smoothie or a nice and easy lunch.


The Haven | 75 ESTE ALOMAR CARMEL | Listed at $3,750,000


To learn more or get information on available homesites, please contact Dana and Mark directly by emailing [email protected] or calling Dana (831.224.6353) and Mark (831.238.1380).


Photo Credit: Anthony Baca

Dana Bambace DRE#01731448and Mark Peterson DRE#01977162.