The Land at Teháma

A century ago, Carmel attracted artists, writers and those seeking an inspiring boundless space upon which to expand their minds and explore their inner worlds. Thanks to Mr. Eastwood’s steadfast vision, the ethos of this wild society of sorts prevails in Teháma’s over 2,000 rolling acres today. With 85% open space, modern-day pioneers are free to retreat and explore their own idyllic definitions of sustainable life and legacy.


Life at Teháma is entirely rooted in sustaining the ecological balance we’ve so carefully become one with. Privately owned for decades, this majestic acreage is now a model community for sustainability and conscientious stewardship of land—a vision that is as sound as the indigenous Carmel Stone that sculpts the landscape, and often provides the foundation for the homes and amenities built. Here, life and land seamlessly connect.


An on-site water source and state of the art filtration system affords Teháma residents peace of mind as they are assured a reliable, long-term source of purified water of the highest quality. From composting to using biodegradable plastics, we’ve designed a self-sustaining community for generations to enjoy at Teháma.

Native Flora

Working with renowned botanists and horticulturists, Teháma has successfully regenerated a variety of California native grasses and meadow flora. Over a decade ago, an on-site nursery began germinating seeds from trees on the property and the mature trees are now offered to residents for landscaping.


Above all, our intentions at Teháma lie in conservation. Prior to acquiring Teháma’s original 500 acres more than 40 years ago, the land was used as a ranch. Farm equipment can still be found shaded beneath the trees as well as the water tower, which marks your arrival when turning on to the property from Carmel-by-the-Sea. Many of the existing roads follow old ranch ruts and Carmel Stone, a native yellow-hued shale, was used in building the infrastructure of each amenity, seemingly melding each space into the landscape.


Native grasses were both placed and left wild throughout the property, including on the first-floor eaves of the clubhouse, which is run partially on solar power. And in 1999, Teháma was honored with the prestigious Golden Bear award for its careful preservation of the environment. Here, we prioritize the preservation of both the natural ecosystem and what was here before us.

Beauty in the Unseen

And, much of what we love about Teháma is what we can’t see. From the lack of power lines to inconspicuous parking garages, every human contribution has been thoughtfully camouflaged from sight to conserve the natural sightlines around us. At Teháma, our mission is to be of the land, not above it.

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