The Rock

Homesite 29

$3,750,000 | 5.01 Acres

The Rock

Homesite 29

$3,750,000 | 5.01 Acres

Set upon a coveted crest high above the Teháma canyon is The Rock, a supremely private homesite featuring far-reaching vistas of Monterey Bay, the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Santa Lucia Range, and more immediate views of the Teháma Golf Course, Clubhouse and Fitness Center. The property’s entrance is framed by a canopy of mature oaks and pines and rises to reveal an expansive building envelope bordered to the east by a dramatic cut of Carmel stone topped with tall Monterey pines. This rare vertical rock feature affords the owner unique discretion to either integrate the residence directly into the stone or allow it to serve as a visually decorative element enjoyed from within the residence. Warmth and sunshine are abundant with early morning and late afternoon sunlight year-round. Situated above the enchanting blanket of mystic morning fog, The Rock serves as an idyllic canvas to build an architectural tour de force in harmony with the earth’s natural rhythm.

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34 Teháma Carmel, California

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5.01-acre homesite
0.76-acre building envelope
Exceptional views of Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz Mountains and Santa Lucia Mountains
Full sun exposure year-round
Dramatic Carmel stone wall flanks eastern border of homesite

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