The Teháma Story

“Taking an interest in the land was the only way to protect it.”


Cultivating Community

One by one, people have found their idea of paradise at Teháma. For some, it is a private retreat amid century old Monterey pines and coast live oaks. For others, it is a home perched high atop the hillside with far-reaching views of Point Lobos. For all, it is a community that shares a commitment to preserving this land for generations to come. We are connected—to the land, to the Teháma community and to one another.

A Shared Vision

With the procurement of Teháma, Clint Eastwood set the intention that its stewards—owners and employees alike—would work to keep the land as serene and sacred as it was the first day he set his sights upon it. Alongside renowned designer and builder Alan Williams, Eastwood has envisioned a community entirely of the land—not on it.

Clint Eastwood

Steward of the Land

Alan Williams

Architect of the Land


A Community of the Land

A century ago, Carmel attracted artists, writers and those seeking an inspiring boundless space upon which to expand their minds and explore their inner worlds. Thanks to Mr. Eastwood’s steadfast vision, the ethos of this wild society of sorts prevails in Teháma’s over 2,000 rolling acres today. With 85% open space and future-thinking practices in sustainability, modern-day pioneers are free to retreat and explore their own idyllic definitions of life and legacy.

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