Alan Williams

Architect of the Land

“We wanted to create something that wasn’t going to change in a world that is constantly changing.”

Alan Williams, managing partner of Rancho Canada Venture, put down roots in Carmel nearly 40 years ago after serving two years at Fort Ord in Monterey and later attending University of Iowa, where he studied architectural design and urban planning. His practice, at first, involved residential building and light commercial projects in Carmel; but, in 1986, Alan was hired by Clint Eastwood to undertake the rehabilitation of Mission Ranch. The preservation, improvement and adaptive reuse of the 157-year-old Mission Ranch and its environmentally sensitive location are legend locally and appreciated internationally. Together, with a mutual respect for Carmel’s enchanting natural splendor, Eastwood and Williams chose to extend their preservation efforts to the majestic hillside and build a community entrenched in sustainability. And thus begins the story of Teháma.

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