The Fitness Center

Sited within the embrace of mountain, valley and ocean vistas, it’s no wonder Teháma residents value wellness. Whether it’s partaking in a rejuvenating yoga class, playing a social game of tennis or swimming laps with the rising sun, the Fitness Center offers residents an idyllic canvas to achieve their greatest health aspirations.

Overlooking the ninth and tenth holes, the three-story, barn-style Fitness Center stands as one of the most luxurious facilities on the Monterey Peninsula, created to blend in with the community and meet the needs of every member. The first floor offers an array of fitness equipment including cardio and weight machines; a free weight and stretching area; and top-of-the-line locker rooms to relax and unwind after your workout. The facility also offers a lap pool, children’s pool, hot tub and tennis courts.

The second floor features the Vista Room overlooking the golf course. Yoga and Pilates class instruction takes place here, and the Vista Room is available for members to host large meetings and luncheons. Additionally, members may take advantage of the third floor Boardroom—a great location for smaller, more private meetings.


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